Project Description
In 2017, Canada celebrates its 150th birthday as a nation. This year of celebration will create a unique opportunity for all Canadians to reflect on our past, celebrate the present and imagine our future.

We are a nation blessed with an abundance of natural resources, striking beauty and diversity. But more importantly we are a nation of people, dedicated to practising tolerance, compassion and ingenuity.

Our heroes matter
 They help create the stories which propel us forward in becoming a nation to be envied and emulated.
They live lives full of courage, resilience and commitment.
They challenge all of us to become better citizens in our country and of the world.
They leave a legacy full of successes and failures, of chances taken and visions realized.
And in so doing, they force us to examine our own values, make better choices and become better human beings.

Art Matters
It creates awareness, dialogue and tolerance across all ethnic and cultural communities in our country.
It challenges our beliefs and value systems in a world dominated by media imagery, obsession with celebrity and instant gratification.
It focuses our conversations through public dialogue and interaction.
It asks the difficult and uncomfortable questions and in the process, creates action and accountability.

50@150 Matters
Not since 1967 has our country openly and joyfully proclaimed our pride, confidence and sense of wonder and hope for Canada.
It is time to celebrate our remarkable citizens and their contribution to nation building.
50 original works of art will be created to celebrate those who have helped define the cultural, social and economic fabric of Canada. The pieces will be colourful, accessible and thought provoking.
They will become part of the Great Canadian Story; a legacy to be enjoyed and debated for the next 150 years.