Paul, Alex and Dr Roberta Bondar - Wonderful opportunity to discuss the  50@150 project with one of our significant Canadians.
Perhaps the greatest challenge facing the creators of 50@150 has been the task of choosing which 50 Canadians from the last Century should be chosen as subjects.

The process is dynamic, controversial, fun and surprising. Park and Birnie created four criteria to help in the decision making process.

     1. What qualities and features does the person possess which are challenging and exciting in a visual, artistic medium

     2. Has the person and their personal story contributed in a truly unique and distinct way to the development of our                country over  the past 100 years

     3. Can the person be successfully “paired” with another Canadian to create dialogue, interest and debate about our              values as Canadians

     4. How does the person contribute meaningfully to the entire 50 images in the series and add to the creation of our  “visual novel".

Our search has been wide-ranging, touching many aspects of Canadian life. It has generated heated debate, discussion and insight into who and what we are as a nation – and what we can become in the next 150 years. It remains a work in progress.