Where Your Support Is Needed

This support will allow for the completion of the project through 2017.
                        1. Image Research and Copyright Clearances – Legal fees
                        2. Research, writing and production costs for the funding book, 50@150.
                        3. Upgraded hard-ware and software requirements
                        4. Production Fees to artists
                        5. Continued fund raising activities
                        6. Image storage
                        7. Research, writing and production of the “50@150 Fine Art Book
                        8. Creation of teacher support materials for in-class utilization
                        9. Securing exhibition venues
                        10. Promotional costs for 50@150
                        11. Exhibition costs during 2017

The Benefits of Support for 50@150

1. Opportunity to partner with selected Canadian corporations in celebration of a Canadian milestone event – our 150th birthday
                        2. Corporate signage and representation at all exhibition venues across Canada
                        3. Selection of 2 Artist Proof images from the collection for corporate purposes
                        4. Corporate acknowledgement in all print, tv, radio and multi/social media outlets during 2017
                        5. Corporate signage throughout the 50@150 web site
                        6. Corporate acknowledgement within the 50@150 Fine Art Book

We would be pleased to discuss the project and any questions you may have regarding support for 50@150.

                        Paul Birnie :  edges@shaw.ca
Project Partners

         Shaw Communications:  "we appreciate the opportunity to be part of a project that will celebrate Canada's 150th anniversary"

                                 Calgary Public Library:  "We are particularly interested in this project. It is perfect for the public library setting" Bill Ptacek, CEO

                                 Calgary Board of Education
                                 Galileo Education Network - University of Calgary
                                 Artpoint Gallery and Studios Society, Calgary
                                 City of Victoria
                                 Fort Calgary
                                 Palais des congres de Montreal

Ft Calgary "Pop-Up" show (July 1,2015)
                        Huge success - saw thousands of people through show
Media Feature Articles